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Thursday, January 05, 2006

My Thermostat, My Enemy

I'm not a cold-natured person. I have nice coats that I never wear, even on the coldest of days. I have nice sweaters that I never wear. My house is not toasty- I hate what gas heat does to my skin and my sinuses.

That being said, I received my gas bill today and almost cried: $368. No past due balance included-- just 30 days worth of gas! My house is drafty, my furnace is a dinasaur, but oh my God!!!! The gas company checked my house for leaks a few months ago and found none. I guess I could call customer service and talk to Janice again, but what good would that do? She'd probably suggest I hire another independent contrator to build me an igloo, or invest in parkas and long johns.

I think I could find better use of this money. A 30 day supply of gas equals:

  • 122.66 bottles of beer at the Corner Tavern
  • 52.58 pitchers of beer at Flashback
  • 1 car payment
  • 1/2 mortgage payment
  • 1 months Cell Phone/Satellite TV/ DSL/Power/Water/Sewage/Car Insurance
  • 1 year supply of dog food for 4 dogs
  • 168 gallons of gas
  • 36 visits to the movies, including popcorn and coke
  • a round trip ticket to about anywhere in the USA, Mexico or Canada
  • 994 first class postage stamps

Oh well, it's just money but look at how much fun I could've had. Now I'm motivated to just turn the thermostat off and spend the next month at the Corner Tavern. I'd actually save money by not staying home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would it help to tell you my gas bill was almost that high this past month? I know mine is from leaving the door open to allow the cats and dog to come and go at will but, by doing that, I not only have the gas bill but I also have to clean up the mess that Cletus makes by bringing in sticks, larger hunks of wood, pine cones, etc. Woe is us!!!

7:27 AM


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