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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Bless Her Heart

I once had a friend named Jennifer. She was young, and beautiful. The girl that inspired most of the blond jokes you've ever heard. She was dumb as a post. You couldn't have a five minute conversation with her while trying to keep a straight face.
One time we went to Dairy Queen for banana splits. Jenifer couldn't finish hers, so she took it back to the counter and asked if they could put it in the freezer for her and save it until she came back the next day to finish it. They laughed at her and said that they couldn't do that. Jennifer didn't understand why they were so mean to her and we left.
While walking down the street, we passed a telephone pole-- it was covered with leaflets and ads-- garage sales, lost dogs, etc. Each of these papers were stapled to the wooden pole. Jennifer stared at the pole and shook her head. She said: "weren't they scared of being electricuted when they stapled the phone pole?".
Honest to God, true stories!!!
Bless her heart--


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