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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Fun Run 2006!

I just got home from Raving Brand's Fun Run 2006! It was the 2 day event that I told y'all about a few weeks ago. We had a great time on Lake Lanier, and I met a lot of great contacts with the "higher ups", including the owners of Raving Brands. I introduced myself to the CFO of RB and told him that I was the Operations Manger of the Biscuit. He said "You also are in charge of the catering, too. Right?". Man, this guy has either done his homework, or someone along the way has put a bug in his ear about the catering business, and he has a great memory. Either way, I was impressed! (The picture is one of me with Colleen. She's from RB's corporate office and she is in charge of Human Resources and Payroll.)

Today we had a scavenger hunt on the lake. We were divided into 10 teams and had to learn to navigate the lake and answer questions about things that we passed at certain mile markers. It took about 4 hours, and we didn't have any problems answering the questions-- most of my team had cell phones with internet access and we just googled all of the answers and enjoyed a nice leisurely day on the lake. The other teams were beating themselves over the head to find the answers and many of them came back with lots of wrong guesses. My team ended up in 2nd place (out of 10), and for that we each won a travel coffee mug. We only missed 1st place by 2 points! (BTW- no one ever said that cell phones weren't allowed!)

Here are pictures of Delia Champion (Founder of the Biscuit) looking ultra-butch in her team's camoflouge costume, and John Amend, FB's CFO.


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