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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Overdressed/ Underdressed?

Pentecost Sunday, 2006:

Pentecost is a big deal at our church. During the weeks following Easter, Father Jim announced that we were having a big cookout following the 10:30am service and everyone was encourage to wear red (in observance of Pentecost) and shorts (due to the weather and the casual atmosphere of the cookout). Well, that day happened to be the day that I was participating in a confirmation service at the Cathedral after church and I knew that I wouldn't have time to change clothes after the cookout. I showed up at church in full business attire, while everyone else was wearing shorts and sandals. I sat in the blazing sun, eating a hamburger and wishing that I had rethought the outfit, or skipped the cookout altogether.

Pentecost Sunday, 2007:

They've been advertising the cookout ever since Easter. I got my outfit together weeks ahead of schedule and arrived at church wearing a red shirt, shorts and sandals. I was mortified when I realized that I was the only one dressed casually for the service. Then it hit me-- there was never any mention of wearing shorts this year-- they mentioned the "wearing of the red" several times, though. The cookout had been moved indoors, so there was no need to wear shorts this year. Hmm.... always the last to know.

Pentecost Sunday 2008:

I'll pay very close attention to any dress code directions given!


Blogger beverly said...

But...that one guy is wearing wedding garb or something, isn't he? Did little flames hover over your head???

6:16 PM

Blogger Brian said...

Yes, the picture is one that I found on the web of a guy that is underdressed at a weeding-- or maybe a guy that is overdressed at a frat party. Neither of these guys were actually at my church on Pentecost Sunday.

6:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that the Spanish pronunciation of "wedding?" LOL

5:33 PM


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