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Sunday, December 14, 2008

This Week...

I've been a little obsessed with Jib Jab, Elf Yourself, Mafia Wars and all things Facebook! If you haven't tried any of these sites/games, I highly recommend them, but caution you that they are addictive!

Random thoughts--
  • A few months ago I posted how excited I was to buy gas in SC for $3.59/gallon. This week I got it for $1.42/gallon! If gas prices keep falling the way they have, they will be paying us to get gas soon! I love it!

  • Boxes of Christmas cards are still sitting on my desk waiting to be filled out.... hopefully I can get to those this week.... gotta finish the "Thank You" cards for the wedding gifts, too. Procrastination is my new best friend.

We went to dinner at Pizza Fusion for my birthday last night. Mom couldn't make it because she's been very ill the past couple of days-- hope she's feeling better soon... we missed her! It was a fun night and the organic pizza was delicious. The waitstaff and managers even sang Happy Birthday to me!


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Love you,

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