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Monday, January 12, 2009

Another Biscuit

Michael and I went to Raleigh this weekend for the opening of the 7th Biscuit! This one is really upscale-- it includes a full bar and is open til 2am on weekends! The new Biscuit has a different menu from all of the rest of them-- most of the signature items are gone and have been replaced by dishes that the new owners thought would be more appealing. The oatmeal pancakes and turkey meatloaf have been replaced by the eggs Benedict and pulled-pork quesadillas. I guess I should have sampled some of the things from our traditional menu, but I wanted to try the new stuff.

The atmosphere was incredible, and the other patrons seemed very happy with their food. It just wasn't the same as the original Biscuit. Hopefully they will work out the kinks and revise the menu. If something works, why mess with it, huh?

Anyway-- we had a great time in Raleigh-- despite it being the farthest I've ever driven and add to the fact that we were traveling with a 15 month old. A 6 hour trip took 9 hours, due to the frequent diaper changes and sleepy eyes of the driver!

On the way back home, we stopped at the friendliest McDonald's you could ever imagine. The manager, Denise, was the perkiest person I've ever met. She was actually singing the McDonald's theme song when we came in ("I'm loving it..."). As we ate, we heard her speaking to her co-workers of her dreams to wear a Ronald McDonald costume and greet people on the street. She even said that a Grimace outfit would be fun too. She was the happiest fast food worker I've ever seen. I wish she lived in Atlanta-- I'd hire her to work in the bakery in a heartbeat!


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