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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Welcome Wyatt!

We found a stray dog at the beginning of December 2011. It was a cute little long-haired dog-- very small, about 5 lbs. I posted "Lost Dog" ads on all of the neighborhood websites and took the dog to the vet to see if it was micro-chipped. It wasn't. After a few weeks, "Falcour" became part of the family. I've never had a little lapdog before, but found it to be just what I was looking for. Something little that needed me. Grayson fell in love with the dog as soon as he saw it, and every day we'd take him for a walk around the neighborhood. A few weeks later, on New Year's Day, Grayson and I went for our usual walk. The neighbor down the street was outside and recognized the dog. He said it belonged to him. I gave him the dog and Grayson and I returned home with tears in our eyes-- and an empty leash.

After having Falcour for a short time, I had grown very attached and really missed having a puppy in my lap every night. I began searching for a new dog-- one that wouldn't ever get big. I found an ad in the paper for a Maltese. The puppy was 8 weeks old. Within the week, I bought him, brought him home and named him Wyatt. I had forgotten how much work it could be to keep up with a puppy! He's full of enegy; he has lots of personality, and loves his toys. He currently weighs 3 lbs, and will grow into about 6-8 lbs. Grayson fell in love with him immediately and gives him a good workout everyday in the front yard!

Welcome to the family, Wyatt!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Welcome to the Family!

We got a new puppy yesterday. He's an 8 week old Maltese, and we named him Wyatt. He's very, very smart!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Yes, I am a terrible Blogger! I can't believe that a habit that I once took so seriously has become something that I entertain once a year. Well, it's been 1.5 years since my last entry, and things have been so hectic. Grayson came back to live with us in September of 2010. He is still the light of my life and the apple of my eye. He turned 4 in October and he's just beginning to read.

Last year was interesting to say the least. I left the Biscuit in May. It was hard to do, after being there for a decade. But it was time to leave, and to leave on good terms. I'm now managing Delia's Chicken Sausage Stand in East Atlanta. My car is no longer wrapped, my identity of Mr. Biscuit is gone, too. But that's what I wanted- I didn't want my job to be my life any more. I have a husband and a child now, and that is my life. I still put in long hours, but at least now when I leave work, I can leave work behind.

We went on our annual pilgrimage to Hilton Head in August-- Grayson learned to swim like a fish and we couldn't get him out of the pool. The week after we got home, I got sick with shingles-- probably the worst illness/ pain I have ever experienced. It took months for the pain to go away and I still have a few scars. I lost a lot of weight, and most of the use of my right arm for a few months. But now I'm back- well, about 90% back. I really didn't think I would make it to see my birthday, so when December 14th came around I felt like I had reached a milestone.

I lost my Betty in July. She was an old dog and the years hadn't been kind. She was totally deaf near the end. It was the hardest thing to go through.... luckily, Michael got stuck with the dirty work- he took her to the vet and had her put down. By the time I got home she was buried. I don't think I could've done any of this on my own. Today, our dog Max died. He's been sick for a couple of weeks. We were planning all weekend to put him down today, but neither of us mentioned it this morning. When I went out to the feed the dogs this afternoon, he was gone. I buried him in the back yard. Michael is still asleep (he goes to work at midnight), so he doesn't even know yet. I'm sure he suspects and I hope that he's grateful that I took care of the hard part for him, as he did for me.

Well-- that's the year in review for me. I promise that I'll revist this site again soon and hopefully be better about blogging on a regular basis. Love!