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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sophie spent the day with us on Wednesday. When Sophie comes to visit, we always get a lot of yard work done-- cheap labor! Any other child would dread coming to our house, but Sophie seems to enjoy working in the yard. We got so much accomplished-- cleaned the gutters, raked the yard, cleaned out the pond, removed dead plants from the gardens, replaced some rocks around the pond, and burned most of the fallen tree limbs that were lying around the back yard. Sophie really enjoyed the fire pit and burned just about anything she could find that was "burnable". Once again, we enjoyed some veggie soup and a good bottle of wine on the patio by the fire. We even broke out the Ipod and introduced Soph to the soundtrack of "Wicked". She enjoyed playing the role of the Witch as she "flew" around the yard on her broomstick! Awesome day!

Thursday was Thanksgiving at Mom's house. I wish I had taken more pictures, but trust me that the food was incredible and it was great to see the faces of all of my relatives and give thanks for the many blessings that we all are lucky enough to enjoy.

Black Friday~~~ For those of you that are long time readers of this Blog, you know that Black Friday is the highlight of my year. I always enjoy searching the websites and going through the sales ads on Thanksgiving to map out my best course of action for the biggest sale of the year. Normally I am standing in line at some shopping center by 3am on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Normally I am unloading a carload of items into the house by 9am. This year was different. I looked through the ads but didn't see anything that caught my eye. Last year was the year of big screen TVs--- I don't need any more TVs-- there are TVs in this house that I haven't turned on more than twice this year! I would like to get a larger TV for the living room, but the sales weren't great this year and it just wasn't in the budget. Maybe next year.

Yesterday we held my brother Jim's belated 40th birthday party. His birthday is really on November 7th, but it didn't make sense for him to come down that weekend and then return for Thanksgiving. Mom decided to do both occasions this weekend-- Thursday at her house and Saturday at the Biscuit. This was the first event held at the Biscuit's new event space- a trial run to see if it worked for private parties. I think it worked out fine. All of our relatives were there, and several of Jim's co-workers and our childhood friends.

It's been a great past few days, but I have to admit that I am pretty anxious to get back to work and into a normal routine again tomorrow!
P.S. To Adam R~~ if you are reading this, just want to say thanks for the great comment that you left on my March 2007 posting "Progress". I appreciate the accolades!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving (Redneck-style)...

Highlights of the Past Week

I'm sorry that I am posting on such an irregular basis lately. I've been really busy! Below are some of the highlights of things I would have written about, had I had a chance to sit down and blog!
First of all was the costume party we went to in Smyrna last weekend. It was a lot of fun, but I can't give a lot of details-- to protect the innocent!

Veggie Soup Day! Michael and I went totally domestic this week! We bought lots of fresh produce and made gobs of vegetable soup. We had so much going that we had to get a second pot! After our stomachs were filled, we bagged up the leftovers and filled the freezer. It's going to be great on a cold Winter day to be able to pull out a bag of soup and heat it up!

We cleaned the leaves and dead plants out of the ponds and installed a new fish spitter. I'm sure the fish will be happier now! In the process, I found a huge bullfrog living in the smaller pond. I think there are a couple in the larger pond, too-- but they didn't show themselves this week-- must be hibernating already!

The firepot! We got a Mexican Chimenia (sp?) and some new window boxes for the house. We had to rearrange the plants and pumpkins, but found the perfect spot for the firepot. After everything was in it's place, we had our friend Lynn over for some veggie soup on the patio. Good times!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Dinner With the In-Laws

We went out to eat with my new with some of my new in-laws Saturday night. We had a great time at the new TGIF in Camp Creek Marketplace. I don't know why I suggested this restaurant- maybe because it was new and I wanted to try it out. Michael and I were amazed at the level of customer service-- and that's a huge compliment from two people that are in the restaurant business! Including this dinner at TGIF, we have only had 2 dining experiences together that we couldn't find anything to complain about (the other one was at the Dakota in LA).

We had a great time with Bryce and Dina. It was my 3rd or 4th time meeting them, so I wasn't nervous. They are easy to talk to, quick to laugh and they picked up the tab! What more could I ask for?!?!?!? :)

If you're ever in the Camp Creek area, I highly recommend that you eat at TGIF. You'll be treated like a King (or Queen, as the case may be!).

Friday, November 14, 2008

To Mic...

We speak our own language. No one else could ever understand it. For that I am happy. It's cool that we have a secret tongue, all to ourselves. We have derived a whole new list of passages that we have enlisted on one another over the past several months. I am proud to share a secret language of love with you, and I don't care if no one else gets it. I get it. You get it. I love you.

I'm limited
just look at me i'm limited
and just look at you you can do all I couldn't do
so now its up to you
for both of us
now it's up to you

I've heard it said
that people come into our lives
for a reason
Bringing something we must learn
and we are lead to those
who help us most to grow
if we let them and we help them in return
Well i dont know if i believe that's true
But i know i'm who i am today
because i knew you.

Like a comet pulled from orbit as it passes a sun
Like a stream that meets a boulder
halfway through the wood.
Who can say if i've been changed for the better
but, because i knew you
I have been changed for good.

It well may be
that we will never meet again in this lifetime
so let me say before we part
so much of me is made from what i learned from you
You'll be with me
like a hand print on my heart
Now whatever way our stories end
I know you have rewritten mine
by being my friend

Like a ship blown from it's mooring
by a wind off the sea
like a seed dropped by a sky bird
in a distant wood
Who can say if i've been changed for the better?
But because i knew you

because i knew you

I have been changed for good

And just to clear the air i ask forgiveness
for the things i've done you blame me for

But then i guess we know there's blame to share

And none of it seems to matter any more

Like a comet pulled from orbit
(like a ship blown from its mooring)
As it passes a sun
(By a wind off the sea)
Like a stream that meets a boulder
(Like a seed dropped by a bird)
Halfway through the wood
(in a wood)

Who can say if i've been changed for the better?
I do believe i have been changed for the better

And because i knew you

because i knew you

because i knew you,
I have been changed...
for... good

We Will Not Give Up...We Are Not Done...

We had hoped never to have to write this note.

Sadly, fueled by misinformation, distortions and lies, millions of voters went to the polls yesterday and said YES to bigotry, YES to discrimination, YES to second-class status for same-sex couples.

And while the election was close, and millions of votes still remain uncounted, is has become apparent that we lost.

There is no question this defeat is hard.

Thousands of people have poured their talents, their time, their resources and their hearts into this struggle for freedom and this fight to have their relationships treated equally. Much has been sacrificed in this struggle.

While we knew the odds for success were not with us, we believed Californians could be the first in the nation to defeat the injustice of discriminatory measures like Proposition 8.
And while victory is not ours this day, we know that because of the work done here; freedom, fairness and equality will be ours someday.
Just look at far we have come in a few decades:
Up until 1974 same-sex intimacy was a crime in California. There wasn’t single law recognizing the relationships of same-sex couples until 1984 — passed by the Berkeley School District. San Francisco did not pass domestic-partner protections until 1990, the state of California following in 2005. And in 2000, Proposition 22 passed with a 23% majority.

Today, we fought to retain our right to marry and millions of Californians stood with us. Over the course of this campaign everyday Californians and their friends, neighbors and families built a civil rights campaign unequalled in California history.

You raised more money than anyone believed possible for an LGBT civil rights campaign.
You reached out to family and friends in record numbers—helping hundreds of thousands of Californians understand what the LGBT civil rights struggle is really about.

You built the largest grassroots and volunteer network that has ever been built – a coalition that will continue to fight until all people are equal.

And you made the case to the people of California and to the rest of the world that discrimination — in any form — is unfair and wrong.

We are humbled by the courage, dignity and commitment displayed by all who fought this historic battle.

Victory was not ours today. But the struggle for equality is not over.
Because of the struggle fought here in California — fought so incredibly well by the people in this state who love freedom and justice — our fight for full civil rights will continue.

Activist and writer Anne Lamott writes, “Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: you don’t give up.”

We stand together, knowing… our dawn will come.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My New Model...

Lady is such a beautiful girl, and every time I see her lately, I always wish I had a camera within arm's reach! Yesterday, I tried to take a nap on the sofa, but put the camera on the coffee table, just in case she "posed" for me. A few minutes later, she walked in and spotted the sunshine streaming through the front door. Shortly afterwards, some Kodak moments arrived and I got them!

She also has this new thing that she does-- she's decided that the furniture is more comfortable than her bed! She usually jumps down to the floor as soon as I walk into the room, as if to say "Hey, I don't know what I was thinking!". Yesterday she tried a new tactic-- "Freeze and he won't notice". I was in the living room for a few minutes before I realized that she was on the chair. I didn't have the heart to yell at her-- she looked so comfortable! Luckily, the camera was still nearby and I was able to take this picture:


We did the "Day at the Farm" event at Serenby this past Sunday. The weather was perfect this time-- not like the freezing day we spent at the Farm a couple of years ago! It's great to get out of the city and and enjoy a nice day in the country once in a while. Somehow, I deleted the pics of Delia, Tiffany and Barbara but wanted to make note of the fact that they were there, because I'm sure that I'll refer back to this post next year as a reminder!

Random Thoughts...

... for those of you reading this from outside East Point, you won't believe this. We have a website that includes a message board known as "The Vent". Several years ago, this was a great place to get information about the city: business openings, business closings, parties, events, etc. Nowadays, it has transformed into a hangout for a few of the neighborhood whack jobs and bullies. I admit to fitting into these categories at times over the years. Now it's gone too far. If I wanted to hear this crap, I'd hang out at the Greyhound station's bathroom. I used to be fun... now it's just sad. I think it's best if I just ignore it for a while and hope that the bullies get tired of talking to themselves.

... Michael and I put the finishing touches on the flower gardens last night (by the light of the 5pm moon!). We planted 6 more flats of pansies. Ideally, I would like to add more, but at this point every time we dig a hole to plant a pansy, we dig up a tulip/jonquil bulb. I guess it's time to declare this project officially finished and move on to something else.

... We saw Christian in LA the night before the wedding. He was the only invited guest. When he didn't show up at the wedding, I was concerned. I have called/ emailed/ texted him at least once a day since the wedding. By week 3 I began to give up. I figured that he must be dead-- although I had no other contact info for him (parents, sister, neighbors, friends). Either he's dead or he isn't speaking to me. Well, I got an email from him yesterday explaining that he had been sick with the flu but was feeling better now. Flimsy excuse, but at least I know he's ok now.

... I've been buried in "Thank You" notes for a few days now. We received so many great wedding presents from our friends and families... Waterford wine glasses, crystal bowls, decanter sets, photo albums, vases, candle holders, gift cards, etc. Emily Dickinson says that the rule of etiquette is that you must send thank you notes within the first year of marriage-- ridiculous!! I want them finished and in the mail within the week. I've made a pretty good dent in the project-- would've finished, but I ran out of cards and stamps!

... We worked at the "orphanage" again today. I have to be careful-- can't say too much because of a confidentiality contract I signed. I work there once a month with Delia, Tiffany and Spencer. The girls that we work with are 16-17 years old--- they've gone through the foster home routine and it didn't work for them. They are not going to be adopted at this stage, and they will be on their own at age 18. We go in once a month and teach them cooking lessons- how to eat healthy and cheap. We've been working with these girls for 3 months now, and it's a true blessing to see them blossom. Today, Delia treated us to lunch at Spoon (a Thai restaurant downtown)... Yummy!

... Gas prices are sooo cheap now! I was paying $4.59/gallon a few weeks ago- and lucky to get it at any price! Today, I paid $1.91/gallon. It gets cheaper and cheaper every day! Wouldn't it be cool if it dropped to under a dollar?!?!? :)

... People Magazine~~~ I bought something at Best Buys this Summer (batteries, or something...) and the cashier said that with my purchase I qualified to get a free issue of People mailed to me. I have been getting People magazines every week since August. I've enjoyed them, but just wonder what the catch is. Will I eventually get a bill for all of these magazines? Strange, huh?

... Computer Virus... My computer "got sick" over the weekend. Something has taken over the Norton program and disabled it. Norton said that they can fix it for $99. I wish I had an extra $99 at this point because it's driving me crazy! Pop up after pop up!!! I'll have to deal with it until next pay day, but God it's so frustrating! Who invents these viruses and why????

At the Reception...

I received this picture that Wayne took of Michael, Carmen & me at the reception-- I think it's a great shot!

Monday, November 10, 2008

I Love This One....

... for some reason, this song and "Harper Valley PTA" remind me a little of East Point!

Another good scene from "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" is shown below-- get ready for a little eye candy:

My favorite line from this movie is: "I was born plain white trash and I worked my way up to outcast".

Lady's Fashion Show...

Lady took our breath away with her latest walk down the runway. Her first ensemble was a tribute to the under-ranking elves of the world:

Later, she donned a "Got Biscuits?" T-shirt, in hopes of inspiring a little hype for the business that her Daddy has so much at stake in:

Saturday, November 08, 2008

OK, I Promise...

...no more updates about the wedding after this one! I guess I can go back to posting pictures of my dogs, my patio, the gardens and any other Biscuit news that I can think of!!! But, please allow me this one last wedding tidbit!

We had the reception today, and it was incredible! So many of our friends came by to give us their best wishes and congratulate us on the wedding. My favorite moments had to be the ones that I spent with my friends Carmen & Wayne. Carmen and I were neighbors when I first moved into the big city of Atlanta. We used to do everything together back then-- tan on the roof of the William Oliver building, bleach our hair, shop at Underground, etc. Our dogs were the best of friends, and so were we. It melted my heart to see Carmen and her husband, Wayne, tonight.

Also moving was the attendance of my Aunt Jane & Uncle Hub. I know that they would have rather been anywhere on the face of the Earth than at an interracial, gay wedding reception. But they came, and for that I have to tip my hat to them.

Looking around the room at the multitude of friends was a moving experience for me. I looked around the Tavern and saw friends from church, friends from Daily's & the Biscuit, our mothers & siblings,our trivia team, and of course our East Point family. We are so blessed to have these people in our lives. I keep thinking of that line from It's a Wonderful Life... I think it goes something like this: "No man is poor if he has friends. Here's to my brother- the richest man in town!". I do indeed feel very rich tonight. I have family and friends that love me and support me. I have a HUSBAND (I can't believe I typed that-- I haven't even said the "H" word out loud yet!) that I adore. Yes-- my life is suddenly perfect-- well maybe not perfect, but I have everything I ever wished for and all of my dreams have somehow come true.

Props to the East Point Corner Tavern for pulling off a flawless reception. Special thanks go to Andrea, Syd, Denise, Starr & Candace. You guys rock, as always!
Enjoy the pictures!