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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Random Thoughts...

... for those of you reading this from outside East Point, you won't believe this. We have a website that includes a message board known as "The Vent". Several years ago, this was a great place to get information about the city: business openings, business closings, parties, events, etc. Nowadays, it has transformed into a hangout for a few of the neighborhood whack jobs and bullies. I admit to fitting into these categories at times over the years. Now it's gone too far. If I wanted to hear this crap, I'd hang out at the Greyhound station's bathroom. I used to be fun... now it's just sad. I think it's best if I just ignore it for a while and hope that the bullies get tired of talking to themselves.

... Michael and I put the finishing touches on the flower gardens last night (by the light of the 5pm moon!). We planted 6 more flats of pansies. Ideally, I would like to add more, but at this point every time we dig a hole to plant a pansy, we dig up a tulip/jonquil bulb. I guess it's time to declare this project officially finished and move on to something else.

... We saw Christian in LA the night before the wedding. He was the only invited guest. When he didn't show up at the wedding, I was concerned. I have called/ emailed/ texted him at least once a day since the wedding. By week 3 I began to give up. I figured that he must be dead-- although I had no other contact info for him (parents, sister, neighbors, friends). Either he's dead or he isn't speaking to me. Well, I got an email from him yesterday explaining that he had been sick with the flu but was feeling better now. Flimsy excuse, but at least I know he's ok now.

... I've been buried in "Thank You" notes for a few days now. We received so many great wedding presents from our friends and families... Waterford wine glasses, crystal bowls, decanter sets, photo albums, vases, candle holders, gift cards, etc. Emily Dickinson says that the rule of etiquette is that you must send thank you notes within the first year of marriage-- ridiculous!! I want them finished and in the mail within the week. I've made a pretty good dent in the project-- would've finished, but I ran out of cards and stamps!

... We worked at the "orphanage" again today. I have to be careful-- can't say too much because of a confidentiality contract I signed. I work there once a month with Delia, Tiffany and Spencer. The girls that we work with are 16-17 years old--- they've gone through the foster home routine and it didn't work for them. They are not going to be adopted at this stage, and they will be on their own at age 18. We go in once a month and teach them cooking lessons- how to eat healthy and cheap. We've been working with these girls for 3 months now, and it's a true blessing to see them blossom. Today, Delia treated us to lunch at Spoon (a Thai restaurant downtown)... Yummy!

... Gas prices are sooo cheap now! I was paying $4.59/gallon a few weeks ago- and lucky to get it at any price! Today, I paid $1.91/gallon. It gets cheaper and cheaper every day! Wouldn't it be cool if it dropped to under a dollar?!?!? :)

... People Magazine~~~ I bought something at Best Buys this Summer (batteries, or something...) and the cashier said that with my purchase I qualified to get a free issue of People mailed to me. I have been getting People magazines every week since August. I've enjoyed them, but just wonder what the catch is. Will I eventually get a bill for all of these magazines? Strange, huh?

... Computer Virus... My computer "got sick" over the weekend. Something has taken over the Norton program and disabled it. Norton said that they can fix it for $99. I wish I had an extra $99 at this point because it's driving me crazy! Pop up after pop up!!! I'll have to deal with it until next pay day, but God it's so frustrating! Who invents these viruses and why????


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