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Friday, November 07, 2008

Reception Eve...

For some reason, Michael has been calling me a Bridezilla a lot lately. I must confess that he's kind of right. The reception is tomorrow-- his family will meet mine for the first time. I want everything to go perfectly. If that makes me a Bridezilla, then I guess I am guilty. On top of that pressure, we have about 100 of our closest friends coming, some traveling from out of state just for our reception!!!

In my defense, I have to say that while I stress over some details, others are completely left to the wind of chance. For example:

  • I never did order a wedding cake for the reception. In a last ditch effort, I called Publix tonight to order a cake for tomorrow. Too late to place an order-- I have to go to the Bakery tomorrow morning and pick a pre-made cake off the shelf and have it decorated.

  • Flowers??? Centerpieces?? It didn't really occur to me until this afternoon. I had an idea in mind-- I wanted the centerpieces to have an arrangement similar to the ones that the Roosevelt Hotel had in our honeymoon suite-- a simple glass jar filled with pebbles and a single orchid bloom floating on top. I have the jars and the pebbles, but when I stopped by the Flower Cottage today I learned that they only had 1 stem of orchids-- not enough fr 12 tables. I picked out some very pretty miniature roses and they will be ready for me to pick up tomorrow morning. I'll arrange them in the pebble jars shortly before the guests arrive.

  • Music??? I downloaded most of our favorite songs tonight and then went to the Tavern to verify that my Ipod would connect to their sound system. It's a miracle-- it worked! Who needs a DJ? The soundtrack will be an eclectic mix consisting mostly of various Broadway musical soundtracks.

  • Attire??? People keep asking me what the dress code for the reception will be. I have no idea how to answer. I haven't decided what I'm going to wear. I would like Michael and I to wear similarly colored clothes, but I can't pin him down on what he's wearing, so my selection is still up for grabs. I guess I'll look in the closet tomorrow and see if something jumps out at me.

Bridezilla??? No, not really. A true Bridezilla would have done a little more pre-planning and nothing would be left to chance. I've learned from experience that all of the planning in the world doesn't make a great party. Some things must be left a little to chance.

It'll be great and I'll report back here on Sunday with the details, and hopefully some great pictures!


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