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Saturday, November 08, 2008

OK, I Promise...

...no more updates about the wedding after this one! I guess I can go back to posting pictures of my dogs, my patio, the gardens and any other Biscuit news that I can think of!!! But, please allow me this one last wedding tidbit!

We had the reception today, and it was incredible! So many of our friends came by to give us their best wishes and congratulate us on the wedding. My favorite moments had to be the ones that I spent with my friends Carmen & Wayne. Carmen and I were neighbors when I first moved into the big city of Atlanta. We used to do everything together back then-- tan on the roof of the William Oliver building, bleach our hair, shop at Underground, etc. Our dogs were the best of friends, and so were we. It melted my heart to see Carmen and her husband, Wayne, tonight.

Also moving was the attendance of my Aunt Jane & Uncle Hub. I know that they would have rather been anywhere on the face of the Earth than at an interracial, gay wedding reception. But they came, and for that I have to tip my hat to them.

Looking around the room at the multitude of friends was a moving experience for me. I looked around the Tavern and saw friends from church, friends from Daily's & the Biscuit, our mothers & siblings,our trivia team, and of course our East Point family. We are so blessed to have these people in our lives. I keep thinking of that line from It's a Wonderful Life... I think it goes something like this: "No man is poor if he has friends. Here's to my brother- the richest man in town!". I do indeed feel very rich tonight. I have family and friends that love me and support me. I have a HUSBAND (I can't believe I typed that-- I haven't even said the "H" word out loud yet!) that I adore. Yes-- my life is suddenly perfect-- well maybe not perfect, but I have everything I ever wished for and all of my dreams have somehow come true.

Props to the East Point Corner Tavern for pulling off a flawless reception. Special thanks go to Andrea, Syd, Denise, Starr & Candace. You guys rock, as always!
Enjoy the pictures!


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