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Sunday, August 28, 2005

My Culinary Skills Under Attack!

Beverly invited me to join her at the Tavern tonight and I declined. I was cooking supper at the time (Chicken & Brocolli with Alfredo Sauce) and she acted shocked- even accused me of getting it out of a bag!

In reality, I am a pretty good cook, though I don't attempt it very often. When you work in a restaurant, and share desk space with an Executive Chef in a prep kitchen, you pick up a thing or two. I never understood people when they said that they couldn't cook-- hell you get a recipe book out and follow the directions- it's not rocket science!

So, tonight I made the Chicken/Brocolli dish (which is sitting on the counter getting cold as I write this). Last Wednesday, I made a cucumber/snow crab salad with green onions, carrots and sesame seeds. Last Monday, I experimented with sliced ham-- I put Monterray Jack, Swiss Cheese, canned chicken and a spoonful of Cream of Mushroom soup on the slices and rolled them into tubes and baked them just long enough for the cheese to melt. Yummy!!! I ate the "ham-roll-ups" with beans that I strung and snapped and stewed corn that I cut off the cob and cooked in the slow-cooker (Mom's recipe).

I like to cook, but I'm just as happy eating a Krystal burger or some Ramen noodles (I could live on those!). Once in a while though, I like to try out my cooking skills and have a nice home-made meal for a change.

So you see, I have a little domestic side. I wonder what else people don't know about me?


Blogger Bruce said...

Since I just found out that you can cook,how about letting some of your starving, drunk friends in some of that homemade cooking of yours!

11:30 AM

Blogger beverly said...

I'm getting curiouser and curiouser. How come none of us have ever SEEN or TASTED those wonderful homemade dishes? You probably made the plates out of pottery and pounded the silver into silverware. Hmmmmm. Love ya'.

4:08 PM


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