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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Big Brother 6

Tonight is the last episode of the season. Unfortunately, it's down to two of my least favortie houseguests- Ivette and Maggie.

Ivette (left) is a total bitch in my opinion. She is always griping and complaining and backstabbing. I haven't heard her say a nice word to, or about, anyone since the show began a few months ago. It should tell you something when even her mother and partner are routing for Ivette's arch enemy, Janelle. Ivette is going up against Maggie (top right). Maggie was quiet during most of the season. She did her share of backstabbing and gossipping, but I didn't hate her. I didn't love her either. Of the two, I guess I hope that Maggie wins.

My favorite houseguest this year was Janelle (left). She's smart and beautiful. She's been a Big Brother fan since season one. She knows everything about the game and she lasted til the end and ended up in third place. I think we'll see a lot more of her in the future. My favorite episode is the one where Janelle sat in the kitchen drinking wine-- she got drunk and loudly insulted everyone in the house. She didn't care that she was nominated for eviction that week. She read everyone in the house for filth, and somehow she survived that week, and made it through to last week. I loved her!

My other favorite houseguest was Kaysar (right)-- the hot Muslim dude! He was smart and sexy, but he was evicted. He was out of the BB house for a week, and then he was voted back in through an audience poll. He returned to the house, but was immediately put back on the eviction block by the gold-digging slut, Jennifer. Kaysar was evicted that week and Jennifer was kicked out the next week.

Tonight is the finale-- I'll update the blog when the winner is annouced.


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