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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Blog Pause

I thought I was playing safe by blogging different lists-- favorite movie lines, houses I've lived in, jobs I've had. Pretty safe stuff, I would think. I steered clear of the controversial subjects of politics and religion (although I did write that I had some involvement with the church 25 years ago). I've been criticized about my Blog- that it's all fantasy. Particularly my list of homes. I swear to God that I told the truth in my descriptions. I talked about the house that I grew up in - it was huge and the nicest place I've ever lived in. Everything I said about it was true. I was faulted for leaving out the important information , or the "gaps that I couldn't face".

I guess that I should have mentioned the fact that my parents fought a lot there and my father had affairs with other men while we lived there, and that my parents got a divorce. It's no secret; I'd tell that to anyone. It wasn't relative in the story I was telling on this blog. The subject was houses I've lived in, followed by descriptions of the houses. If the readers think I'm trying to hide something, they're wrong. I was sticking to the subject.
If I was going to write about what happened to me in each of these houses, I could've included other facts: one of my roommates beat me up and tried to set fire to my cat just to see her run through the house and burn me and my father to death-- another one pushed me down a flight of stairs and then kicked me in the chest until he broke several of my ribs- I attempted suicide in one of the houses that I mentioned- I had roommates at the Metropolitan that fought so much that the police were called to my apartment almost nightly- the same thing happened with roommates I had in East Point, there are still broken windows and pizza stains on the walls to prove that they lived here . I could have mentioned all of these situations and more, and elaborated on them in my original post, but I didn't because the subject was "the houses I lived in".
I tried to describe the houses, not what happened to me inside each of them. My life is an open book and it's hardly been a fantasy.


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