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Monday, September 05, 2005

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday night we went to "Flashback". Once again I walked in the place swearing that I wouldn't be seduced by the kareoke microphone again. It turns out that there is a country singer somewhere deep inside that's screaming to get out! I started off by singing "Margarittaville", then Friends in Low Places". The drag queen diva came out in me and I sang "We Are Family" with all of my friends dancing in the background. Oh yeah, Beverly started the kareoke by signing up to sing "Macarena"- she didn't know the words, so we all joined her to help. It was fun- we didn't know the words either, but we learned a new dance. I have a feeling that we'll try that song again- who cares if we sing or not- the dancing part was fun enough. I sang the "Three's Company" theme song with Adam & Kris. I sang this song with them last week, too. Maybe this will be our tradition-- it's not a bad song, we just need Kris to sing one or two lines. We'll have to work on that! My last song was "Losing My Religion" by REM. A favorite of mine! I have a feeling that I'll stick to these same songs from now on. They all felt comfortable to me and people said that I sounded good, too.

Saturday was dull- I did laundry and some yard work and swore that I wasn't going to leave the house. It was a nice day to do nothing. I watched the Tom Hanks marathon all day.

Sunday- got a hair cut, bought dog food and watched TV most of the day-- the "24" Marathon was showing on A&E. Then I went to the Tavern for Kris's birthday party. Our new friends, Matt and Dustin, were there. They are nice guys that seem to fit into our group-- I hope they like us as much as we like them! Maybe they'll even earn the title of "Pubcrawlers" someday!

The best news of the weekend-- Bruce's friends from Biloxi have been found! They have been missing for a week and Bruce was about to drive to ground zero this week to try to locate them. I think he found out that they were out of town when the hurricane hit... I didn't get all of the details- just glad that they are safe.


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