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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Results are in...

Maggie won. I'm glad Ivette didn't win, but I wish I could be happy about this! Maggie got $500,000 for being quiet for four months. Maybe Ivette learned something- keep your big mouth shut and don't argue against everything. I hate the fact that Ivette didn't leave empty-handed... she ended up receiving $50,000.
A wrap-up from another Blogger reads: "
Maggie Wins: The World Goes 'Meh'
Big Brotherby krisSep 20th, 2005
Tonight Maggie won Big Brother 6. It's hard to put her up there with such past champions as the great and evil Dr. Will, isn't it?
Here's how the votes broke down:
Beau: Ivette
April: Maggie
James: Ivette
JBlow: Maggie
Janelle: Ivette
Rachel: Maggie
As I predicted, it all came down to Howie and he, like his partner Rachel, went for Maggie. So basically, Ivette lost $450,000 (the difference between first and second) by being a complete and utter bitch to Rachel in her goodbye video. Don't get me wrong, I hate Ms. Smuggie Maggie, but I do take some satisfaction in the fact that Ivette lost because she couldn't keep her trap shut for 30 seconds. At least Ivette is young, and hopefuly she'll learn from this adventure. Her girlfriend, Tush, seems cool and maybe she can help her get on the right path. As for Maggie. It's too late. She's like a cult leader, but without the charisma. What makes me most physically ill about her victory is knowing that she'll probably somehow share some of the cash with the hateful Eric. I barely watched the first few weeks of the show, but that was enough to make me despise Mr. Cappy. Blech.
The most interesting parts of the show tonight dealt with the jury and early evictions. The jury debates, led by James, really came down to who they felt played the best game and, on an even grander scale, what constituted "a good game". Of course, when all is said and done and you look at those votes you know that what really happened is that each player voted for who they liked best. Wow, isn't it amazing that someone as colorless as Maggie could win what eventually became a popularity contest? I loved that some houseguests were called out on their BS. April had to watch herself call Americans "pieces of shit" for voting for Janelle to win an America's Choice contest. Howie had to watch himself blow up in an ugly controntation with April. And, speaking of blowing, Jennifer was confronted by Kaysar for her out and out deception that led to his eviction.
A few closing notes on the show:
I was always sort of "iffy" about James, but tonight I liked him. Looking at his face when he saw Sarah again after all this time, I could see that he really loved her. Looking in his eyes, I saw love. That was nice to see in a man who played the game without having his emotions engaged.
Janelle & Kaysar got a rousing round of applause from the studio audience. Kaysar seemed shy and embarassed by it. Janelle seemed born to it. She's like the opposite of Maggie.
JBlow is still just awful. Every time she rolled her eyes I wanted to punch her in the throat.
I thought that Janelle & Michael's reunion looked a little hesitant. She's made no secret that she's way into him. Could our girl have scared him off?
Cappy's still a horrible little man.With that, we end another great season of Big Brother. I didn't like the winner, but I enjoyed the journey. Oh lord, I sound like a contestant on The Bachelor. Somebody shoot me now!


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