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Friday, March 31, 2006

Glitter Pop

Tonight I'll be attending Glitter Pop at the Red Chair. It's an amatuer drag show to benefit CHRIS Kids, a cause that I try to contribute to as often as possible. CHRIS Kids helps gay teenagers that are shunned by their families. Glitter Pop is sponsored by GA Tech Pride, and promises to be a fun show. Check out their website by clicking on the title of this posting. Delia and I got free VIP passes to the show for being co-sponsers. It should be interesting to hang out with my boss after hours, away from work.
After the show, I'll be going to Mary's in East Atlanta for a nightcap with an LA producer named Trevor and our favorite local entertainer, Dewberry. Trevor was in town today to film a "What Ever Happened to" show on the cast of last season's "Hell Kitchen" show. The film that he shot will appear on Fox.com sometime soon-- I'll let you know when (I have a "cameo", but Dewberry introduced me as the guy that's in charge of donations!).
It's probably not too soon to mention-- the Biscuit documentary that we filmed a few months ago will be airing on PBS this week-- April 5th at 7pm. I haven't seen it yet, but those that have said that I did have a couple of appearances as both a server and a patron of the restaurant. Check out www.therise ofthesouthernbiscuit.com for more info. Set your VCR's!
I hope everyone has a great weekend! Talk to you soon!


Blogger Dewberry said...

My dearest Brian....I am so sorry that I introduced you as the guy who does donations.....but wasn't it worth it to see me drunk in Mary's? As a side note to the lovely people at Mary's....whose idea was it to put the toilet up on a step....when you have had copious glasses of tequila laden margaritas and stimulating conversation....you can't focus enough to balance....but the lock not working adds alot of flavor....I highly recommend sitting in the back and watching the real show go on....love ya Bri.....dewey

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