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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Unique Morning

How did you start your day today? Did you sleep a little late and rush through your morning routine? Did you catch every red light on the way to work? Did you stop by Starbucks and drop a weeks wages on a cup of Joe?
I did something way out of the norm this morning. I had two catering jobs today. The first one was delivered by 6:30am at Zoo Atlanta's Living Tree House. The second job was delivered at 8:30am to a business on Peachtree St. The first job went smoothly and I found that I had an hour to kill before I needed to head towards the second job. I had a mug of coffee in the car so I grabbed it and headed for a bench in Zoo Atlanta's Rain Forest. I sipped my coffee as the sun was rising, listening to the calls of exotic birds and hungry primates. What an awesome experience! I wish I could start every day off the same way. My only regret was not seeing Willie B. It was my first visit to the zoo since he passed away.


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