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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


My thoughts and prayers go out to my friend Mark tonight. Mark has been through an absolute Hell the past couple of weeks- I can't imagine being in his shoes. On February 20th, he found out that his father was missing. Search teams have been looking for him daily, leaving no stone unturned. Mark's father lived on a river, with a dock in the backyard. Blood was found on the dock, and a gun was found in the river nearby. It took two weeks, but they eventually found his body downstream yesterday. The coroner declared his death as a suicide.
I'm sure that Mark is relieved to finally have some closure, but I can't imagine the thoughts that must be running through his mind. I'm sure he would want one last conversation with his Dad- a chance to find out what he was thinking. Just last month, he was attending his father's wedding. A few weeks later, he's planning his father's funeral.
Life turns on a dime. It's unfair at times. None of us are gauranteed another day. We have it so good, and we don't even know it or appreciate it. We are so quick to judge each other without walking a mile in each other's shoes.
Hang in there, Mark. I'm so sorry for your loss.


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