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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New Link

I've added another Blog to my list of favorites-- check the list on the right --->>
Dewberry the Baker is written by my friend and co-worker Jeffery Dewberry. If his name and picture ring a bell, you might remember him from last years first installment of "Hell's Kitchen". Lots of exciting things have happened in Dewberry's life in the past year, and it's exciting to hear the updates. He told me about the Reality TV convention that's coming up in June. It's going to be held in Nashville (I think) and I hope it works out that I can go with him. I can't imagine how cool it will be to meet all of the reality stars that I've watched over the years. The funny thing is that Dewberry NEVER watches TV, so he won't recognize anyone unless they were on "Hell's Kitchen" with him! There's a link on his site to the Reality Convention- check it out, maybe you'll recognize some of the people that are scheduled to attend.


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