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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

An Eventful Week, So Far....

The past 48 hours have been a whirlwind. Yesterday morning, Tommy Hilfiger came into the restaurant for breakfast on his way to Coretta King's funeral service~~~ and I got to meet him! He was sitting with another gentleman that I didn't recognize, while his car and driver waited outside. Mr. Hilfiger was a very nice man- he even took down the sizes and address of one of our waitresses and promised to send her some clothes from his new line! Cool, huh?
Last night I attended (ok, worked at) the Best of Atlanta party. The top 60 restaurants (including the Flying Biscuit!) were represented and together we fed 3500 people dinner. I'm sure there were lots of celebreties there, but not many that I recognized. I did get to meet Bert Weiss-- my favorite DJ from Q100. He's a short guy- about 5'2", but built like a brick house! I didn't get to meet his co-hosts, Jenn Hobby & Melissa Carter, but I did see them when they were onstage annoucning winners of the silent auction.
Today, Wendy Motta and Brad Tiexiera of Turnhere.com (a travel website) came in to film a story on Candler Park, highlighting the Flying Biscuit. They were so sweet that it didn't seem like work at all talking to them and helping them shoot a great video of my second home! I'm not sure when the story/video will be online, but I'll post it as soon as I hear something.
I also met with Tony Marks today. Not only is he a well-known photographer in Atlanta, but he's a really nice guy. Atlanta Magazine is doing a story on the Flying Biscuit and he was there to check us out. We had dinner together and had a great conversation. We talked about reality TV-- mostly Hell's Kitchen, Rockstar INXS and American Idol. He'll be back next Wednesday morning to take the pictures of our food. Of course I'll post those pics too when they are available.


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