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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Those Damn Jackhammers!


Blogger beverly said...

OMG, I hadn't noticed that she was smoking!!!

5:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's a picture of my youngest daughter, verlene. i hate that she smokes so much but breaking her of the habit is a task even the good lord has not been able to take on. her daddy (my 3rd husband (twicet removed) and, jesus willing, the last preacher i will ever marry! i am so thankful to be on husband number five. her daddy made me pray so much i had more callouses on my knees than a dime bag hooker on moreland and glenwood!)always said to her, "no, verlene, smoking will not send you to hell. but it sure will make you smell like you been there!" and for once, i had to agree. i wondered who could ever kiss that ashcan mouth, much less get close enough to make a baby? but the lord works in mysterious ways and, now i got an underweight grandbaby on the way. let's hope it has all its fingers and toes and does not turn out to be some poor little retard like my cousin donnie and his wife had. that poor thing. she just sat in the back yard, tied to the clothesline, barking and digging like she was one of their dogs and not one of their babies. lord she was a trial.
anyhoo, like i said, i can't break verlene of the cancer sticks. and lest ye rush to judgement the doctor said that trying to get her to quit at this point would cause the baby more stress than verlene's smoking. which means i better put a pack of camels on the baby shower wish list. lord knows that verlene junior is bound to come out of the womb with a three pack a day habit. the whole family is a bunch of addicts. god help us, cause we sure as shit can't help ourselves.

5:06 PM


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