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Saturday, March 25, 2006

"October Road"

OK-- here's the full report on the filming that took place yesterday in Candler Park. They were filming the pilot episode for a TV show named "October Road". Rumor had it that the stars of the show were Matthew McConaughey and Laura Prepon (she plays Donna on "That 70's Show"). I spent the morning on the sidewalk across the street, hoping to catch a glimpse of either of the stars, but to no avail. I talked to a blonde lady that was one of the stars, but I didn't recognize her. I later learned that it was Laura Prepon, but with the blonde hair I never would've recognized her. Damn-- I missed a photo op!
Later in the day, I talked to one of the members of the props dept. He came to the bakery to get change to fill the cash register in one of the scenes. I got to talking to him and asked if Matthew McConaughey was in the show and he said no, but he will be here next month to film a different show/movie. I asked who the stars of this show were and he started naming names. I wasn't familiar with a lot of them, and he had forgotten some of the names. He pulled out a"Crew Call" list, complete with all of the actor's names, character's names, hotel info, and info on each of the scenes being filmed. Greedy me asked if I could make a copy of the crew call list. I expected him to say no, but instead he gave me his copy and told me not to show it to anyone until after they had finished filming. I kept my word, but it was hard!
I didn't get to see Tom Berringer or Bill Bellamy. I guess they weren't in the "Pinellas Package Store" scenes, but I did get to meet Bryan Greenberg ("One Tree Hill", Boston Public", "Law & Order", "Providence") and Geoff Stults ("Wedding Crashers", "7th Heaven", "Las Vegas", "Joey"). In my true celebrity-camera-whore fashion, I got the guys to pose with me in the bakery between scenes. They were extremely nice. They even posed for a second picture with me after we discovered that the first one didn't come out too good.
When I went back to work this morning, there were no signs that anything had happened yesterday. The "Pinellas Package Store" signs were down and the Candler Park Market signs were back up. The tour buses were gone, as well as the fake ivy and fake fall trees that were lining the streets yesterday. It's all just a memory now, but one that I'm looking forward to reliving this Fall when "October Road" premieres! I wonder if the Crew Call List might be worth something some day?


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