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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Keisha Has Left the Building...

Well, at least part of Keisha is no longer with us. I borrowed a lot of clothes from a friend of mine the day that Keisha was created.

Thanks to Erin, Keisha received a large wardrobe full of gowns. These outfits have gotten us through a lot of shows. Well, yesterday Erin called and requested the clothes back. I returned them today. Now Keisha's extensive wardrobe has been reduced to this one red silk dress and a Nascar jumpsuit, and everyone's already seen these! I guess I'll have to go shopping again if Keisha decides to do the Possum show in June.


Blogger Daphne Ruth Jenkins said...

Hell no, Keisha won't go! First of all, you know I have some serious envy over that cute little Nascar number.

If I were stil in Hotlanta, I'd offer to take you on a shopping spree through all the favorite (i.e. cheap) Jenkins shopping destinations.

You know you can't keep a good diva down.


10:05 AM


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