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Monday, March 26, 2007

Sad News

While searching the web today, I came upon the saddest news on a Live Journal page:

"crookedfeet (crookedfeet) wrote,@ 2007-03-05 20:54:00

R.I.P Keisha Lorraine

My mother put their cat down over the weekend-she was 17 years and change. She was a Christmas gift to my sister from a friend(the friend's sister named her for her cabbage patch doll). After my sister died,my mother kept her,even when they began RV'ing full time. Apparently,this past week,she began having all kinds of problems with bodily functions,couldn't really eat or drink,had no bladder control,etc. The vet said it was just old age and that it would be best. i feel like the last piece of my sister has gone. They had her cremated but left the ashes at the vet's. I'm going to see if I can get them,and maybe scatter some on my sister's grave.I like to think that she is somewhere with various deceased family pets because she loved animals. I don't really believe that,but I like to think it because it provides some comfort in a mostly comfortless world."

They say that there is always a silver lining. To me, that was the discovery that there is a Cabbage Patch doll somewhere out there named Keisha Lorraine! I've got to find it!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So it's hard to get too worked up about this stuff. What happened with your interview???

5:54 PM

Blogger Brian said...

My meeting was hijacked by a new employee that was asked to sit in on the meeting for some reason. I was given lots of praise for solving a bad situation and they told me that they were aware of the problem and will work on it. If nothing else, a few more VP's in the company know my name now. Nothing too encouraging to report yet.

12:14 AM


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