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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Cool New Gadget!

I bought this Power Station charger at Staples last week, and it's the answer to my prayers! I have 2 cell phones that are currently activated (my work phone and my personal phone). I also use one of my old cell phones as a back-up alarm clock. So, I'm constantly having to charge 3 phones. I don't have many spare plugs in my house and I hate to have the phones charging in different rooms. Life is easier for me if I can grab the phones I need in the morning, and not have to go room to room to find the phones in their chargers. I've been taking turns charging each phone daily- none of the phones ever got fully charged because every few hours I would rotate the phone in the charger.

The Power Station solved this problem. Now I can charge all three phones at the same time. I can also charge my Ipod with the same Power Station. I guess a power strip would serve the same purpose, but I like the idea that all of the cords are tucked away and hidden in the Power Station.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I predict...this will be very useful to you in the future....

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