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Friday, November 02, 2007

Serenbe Farms

I can't believe that it's been a year since I attended my first Les Dames d'Escoffier luncheon on the grounds of the Serenbe Farm, in Palmetto, GA. It was a huge honor to be invited to participate last year, and even a bigger honor to be asked again a second time! Since last year, Delia has become a member of Les Dames-- which is pretty cool, seeing as though they only invite/accept a few new members each year.

This year we are serving a turkey hash over a biscuit. These aren't just ordinary turkeys either-- these are state of the art, free-range, grass-fed, etc. birds. Top of the line poultry from Heritage farms. We spent about $800 on 8 turkeys, and Delia has spent days preparing them. She marinated them for 24 hours and then cooked them yesterday. Today we started the process of "pulling" the turkey and that should be finished tomorrow, and then she will start hash part of the recipe. It's going to be incredible! We did this once before, with lesser birds, and it was a hit!

For more info on Serenbe Farms or Les Dames, please check my archives (November 2006) for a full report and pictures from last year's event.
"A Day in the Country" hosted by Les Dames d' Escoffier, November 4th, 2007, Serenbe Farm, Palmetto, GA.


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I looove Serenbe too--gotta comment on the old stuff as I'm now reading 3 years worth of blogs :-)

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