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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Recap: Grand Opening Pics 2007

This first picture is from the Grand Opening of the West Paces Ferry/Northside location in Buckhead. This was the first franchised store. It opened in May 2007. I asked Delia to pose for a picture with me beside my car and the next thing I knew, lots of people were sitting in my back seat! After I looked at all of the pictures I found this one-- Delia and I along with the owners of the first franchised Flying Biscuit. Delia and I wanted this to be a tradition and vowed that we would be at every grand openening party to have this same pose done with newest members of our Biscuit family! One of these days I'll get off my lazy butt and print the pictures in an 8"x10" format, get them framed and hang them in the original Biscuit in Candler Park, along with a little bronze sign saying the date and location of each new store.

This picture is from the Grand Opening of the Marietta store (our 2nd franchise, 4th location). This store opened in late September 2007.

You saw this picture just a couple of days ago-- it's from the Grand Opening of the Charlotte store just this week (October 2007). It's hard to believe that we have 5 locations now!
I'm looking forward to one more store this year-- the Terminus building in Buckhead-- I think it'll open in December. After that, who knows? I have a feeling that the store in Raleigh will be next.
I knew when I first joined the Biscuit team, I was in on the ground floor of something that would be big someday!


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