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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Grand Opening in Charlotte!

This is the new Biscuit in Charlotte, NC. It's a very cool space and hopefully the biscuits will be flying there! Last night was the VIP/Media Party and they officially opened for business today! (Exterior/interior shots)

Below are the traditional pics of me, Delia and Molly with the new franchise owners & managers in the Biscuit Mobile! We waited a little too late for these pics, and they came out a little dark.

Below is a pictures of the training team-- a stealth group of my friends and coworkers from the Candler Park and Midtown stores. The managers and owners of the new stores all come to the Candler Park store and train with us for 8 weeks, and then the training team spend three weeks at the new stores to assist with "on the job" training with the new waitstaff and linecooks. They've all seen the pictures of the owner/managers in my car and wanted to have a picture for themselves! (If you look close, you'll notice that at some point during the party, I changed shirts~~ I started off with a green FB shirt, but ended up changing into my tan suede shirt so that the new GM would have a logo'd shirt to wear. Lucious-- I better get that shirt back!!!)


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