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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More Catering Woes...

I got to work at 5:00am on Monday morning. I did payroll and a few other necessary Monday functions. By 11am, I was in my car headed towards home. I was only home for about 15 minutes (just long enough to let the dogs out) and then I hit the road for Charlotte. My Catering Hotline phone repeatedly throughout the next 4 hours. The last order that I received was for a breakfast for 60 to be delivered by 7am at Northside Hospital. I made a few phone calls and found 2 linecooks that could come in early. There were 6 fruit trays on the order and I found out that we didn't have any fruit in the store. My plans of spending the night in Charlotte suddenly changed. Instead, I enjoyed the party for a couple of hours and returned to Atlanta after midnight. I swung by the house and let the dogs out again and then headed back to Candler Park. On the way to work, I stopped at Kroger and bought a buggy full of fruit. I was back at work by 1:30am and started the fruit trays by 1:45am. By the time the rest of the staff started filing in at 5am, I had completed 6 fruit trays, 2 continental breakfast trays, a sweet treat tray, cooked 72 biscuits, brewed and packaged 6 urns of coffee. I coordinated 6 deliveries with 2 new drivers and my marathon 30+ hour shift ended at 11am.

I'm getting too old to be a miracle worker!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I especially liked your using the word "Stealth" when describing your Flying Biscuit Team.

More from Anonymous

10:12 PM

Blogger epgraves said...

You keep the hours of a partying 18 year old at the age of 42 when Heart Attack risk begins. Which hospital should I plan to send flowers to?

10:45 PM

Blogger Brian said...

Thanks for the wake up call, EP! I'm going to find some way to try to take it easier!

4:10 PM


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