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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Candler Park Fallfest Pictorial

The Flying Biscuit balloons and frizbees were a big hit with the kids this weekend! I pulled two long shifts adding up to 40 hours worked in a 48 hour time period, but I never felt tired. I had a great helper in the booth this year, my brother Joel! He's a real trooper and never complained once about the long hours.

Once again, we were in the space beside the "Corner Tavern". It was fun spending time (a lot of time) with the Tavern crew. I was shocked when I saw Patrick, the former manager of the original Tavern! He spent the day hovering between the Tavern's booth and mine. For those that don't know, Patrick and I dated a few years ago, and I was pretty upset when he moved to Florida. We lost touch then and this was the first time we've spoken since his going away party.
He's in town til Tuesday, and hopefully we can make plans and try to get together before he leaves town again.
Among other surprises this weekend were: Leslie and her children/grandchildren. I saw them at the Fallfest last year for a few minutes, but this year they were all working the children's play area and we got to see each other often. Leslie used to work with me at Rosenbluth and we've always been close. It's funny how we lost touch for years, but now it's an annual thing that we'll meet at Fallfest and catch up.

I also ran into Michael Malone-- he was the manager at the first travel agency at worked at. He was there to see one of his friends perform, and just happened to show up at the Biscuit booth. We share a common birthdate and of course we both made note that that date is exactly 2 months from today. Sagitarrians all think alike!

I also ran into Helen (Beverly's friend and former coworker)... it wasn't a big shock to see her on a Sunday in Candler Park-- her church is across the street from the Fallfest. But-- it was great to see her, even though I had to do some back-sliding to try to explain why she wasn't invited to Bev's surprise b'day party last month. All I could honestly say was that I wasn't involved in the planning this year, and I didn't have her phone number (all true). I do have her phone number now and she will be invited to the next party! It's always great to see Helen and I don't know how she was left off of the guest list this time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel badly that Helen wasn't invited to the party but it was a surprise party and a few people were unintentionally left out. Often the friends we have don't know some of the other friends we have.

6:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like that guy that helped you work the booth last weekend was really a great guy. You were lucky to have someone so special helping you.

8:34 PM

Blogger Brian said...

Joel~~~~ Is that you?

8:27 PM


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