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Friday, September 28, 2007

FB Tours

The Biscuit tours were a hit! We hosted almost 150 kids this week and they all had a great time making biscuits and taking the tour.

I took pictures of each of the kids while they were making biscuits. There were over 200 pictures-- I won't show them all here, but I did make CD copies for the teachers to share with their classes/parents.

The best pictures were actually an after thought. When the classes were lingering in the Bakery, I took the time to ask the kids to make funny faces for the camera. I snapped dozens of "funny face" pics, and posted a few here for you to see.

Today 3 of the kids came into the Biscuit on their way to school and had breakfast with their parents-- they said that they just wanted to see "Mr. Brian" again. Each of them melted my heart. These are great kids and I look forward to watching grow up!


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