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Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Sad Week...

... in TV land this week. They say that celeb deaths always come in 3's and I'm beginning to believe that theory. We lost 3 great entertaininers this week: Jane Wyman from Falcon Crest, Brett Somers from Match Game, and Alice Ghostly from Designing Women.

I'm mostly sad about Alice Ghostley- I feel like she's been a constant part of my life since I was a kid. I grew up laughing at her character of Ezmarelda on "Bewitched". Later, she was a part of my all time favorite movie "Grease"-- she played the shop teacher, Mrs. Murdock. Later, she played goofy Bernice Clifton on "Designing Women". Luckily, she'll live on in reruns. I watch "Designing Women" every day-- I just know that I'm going to tear up the next time I hear her sing that immortal song:

"Black man, black man,
Where did you come from?
Black man, black man,
Where did you go?"

Rest in Peace ladies-- and thanks for the memories!


Blogger epgraves said...

I loved Alice Ghostly! My favorite scene from Designing Women was when she and Anthony were in a room together and she all of the sudden busted out singing (in dementia) "BLACK MAN, BLACK MAN, WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?" I was on the floor rolling!

10:25 AM

Blogger epgraves said...

Oh, I re read your post and noticed that you also mentioned "Black Man", sorry, didn't see that before.

1:28 PM


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