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Friday, September 14, 2007

Another Brush with (near)Greatness!

A couple of weeks ago, I got a "friend request" on my MySpace page. It was from an author named Charles Cassillo. There was no email attached, just a link to his MySpace page. I read his profile and liked what I read so I accepted his friendship proposal. He wrote back to me and thanked me for accepting him-- later he wrote again and said that he liked my smile! You know how much I love celebrities and hob-nobbing with the rich and famous. Charles pressed all of the right buttons to get my engine purring! A published novelist likes my smile, and formally requested to be my friend!

We've been writting back and forth for a couple of weeks and I think he's a really nice guy-- on the brink of becoming a famous writer. I've ordered a couple of his books and can't wait for them to arrive. I'll let you know what I think and if they are as good as I'm expecting them to be, I'll be happy to share them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can one find your MySpace page?

6:09 AM


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