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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Fridgedaire Enroute to Westwood Ave!

I don't know if I've mentioned it in the past, but my fridge died a few months ago. The freezer still works as a fridge though-- it stays cold enough to keep food and drinks cold, but it's not cold enough to freeze anything, much less produce ice cubes.

So after much procrastination, I made the trip down south to the Brandsmart in Jonesboro. I picked out a new fridge today and it will be delivered sometime on Monday. The deliverymen will also remove my old fridge and take it away for me.

The new fridge is stainless steel (pictured here, in the showroom today). It's very pretty, but it won't match the other appliances in the kitchen. So... I'll have to go back to Brandsmart in a few weeks to get a stainless steel stove. I've been wanting a new stove anyway-- my current stove is about 100 years old and the pilot lights have never been trusty.

I can't imagine how nice it will be to actually stock up on food again-- to actually have something in the house to eat for a change.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I interest you in a nice used dishwasher?

-Billy Bob Buster Brown

2:31 PM

Blogger Brian said...

Been there, done that! At least you furnished me with a disclaimer and free delivery, Billy Bob!

3:56 PM


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