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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gotta Get This One Off My Chest!

This container of body wash has been in my shower for over a year. I don't know where it came from- I didn't buy it. I assume that my former roommate bought it, and left it behind. I normally use bar soap, but I ran out a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I'd use up this liquid body wash so I could get rid of it and have one less container in my shower.

It bothers me on so many different levels. One of the things that bothers me (and you can't see it in this photo) is that the name of the body wash is "Softsoap- For Men". Every morning I see it- and I wonder "Why can't women use it? It's just soap?". So I finally decided to read the label today to figure out what makes this product more suitable for men. Nothing on the label gave me any indication that this wouldn't clean the female body just as well.

Another thing that bothers me is the big sticker on top of the container "33% more than 18 oz". So what? If they made a 36 oz container would there be a sticker announcing that it was "100% more than 18 oz"? All that sticker proclaims is a math problem, and who wants to do math in the shower at 4am anyway?

One more tidbit that the back label reveals: "It's perfect for home, travel, and the gym". I disagree-- it's not perfect for the gym. A body wash that's perfect for the gym would have a screw top. "Softsoap for Men" has a flip top made of flimsy plastic. If you threw this bottle into your gym bag, chances are the top would open and spill body wash all over your gym clothes. Also, I prefer to take a smaller container of body wash to the gym-- you know, the 1 oz size that you normally get at hotels. I don't want to lug a 24 oz bottle into the gym shower-- I only need enough body wash for one shower at a time when I'm away from home. Plus, every gym I've ever visited has a body wash dispenser in every shower stall. The same goes for hotels-- I've never been to a hotel that didn't furnish body wash, or at least a bar of soap. So why is Softsoap "perfect" for travel and the gym? In my opinion, it's the farthest thing from perfect.


Blogger =^..^= Kitty =^..^= said...

Well, now that you've got that off your chest....

LOL. I'm with you, tho. These products are gender friendly. Perhaps the difference is the scent. The other week, I noticed I needed some "firming" gel for my second chin; so out I went on cosmetic safari. After looking at all the skin firming products for women, I moved over the the men's row. I found the exact same ingredients, in a better dispenser, for half the price of the women's product. It does have a more "neutral" scent added, but once smoothed in, there is no perfume.

It's a marketing ploy - to get men to buy their product. Wonder what the price difference is between ladies and mens body wash? I'll have to check it out.

Love ya!

9:23 AM

Blogger epgraves said...

That's what I was going to say, same as Kitty....Scent.

I won't use body wash for women that my mom has when we are out of bar soap because of the strong feminine purfume in it. I use Dawn from the kitchen in a dire situation. For men and women is always scent related I thought.

9:55 AM


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