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Monday, August 27, 2007

The Long-Awaited Cook Book...

The Flying Biscuit Cookbook is finally here! Our original cookbook sold out over a year ago, and try as we may, the original publisher would not return our phone calls. Delia wrote a second cookbook and sent it to another publisher. They took her money and vanished. So after lots of research on different publishers, she finally found one that seemed legit. The release date for the new cookbook is September 10th, but I received a couple of cases of them last week. The funny thing is that you can already find used copies of the book for sale online! I searched tonight and found lots of used books available! I don't understand this-- every copy of the book is in my office! How could there be any used copies out there? I guess someone from the publishing company or the printing company made a few extra copies and took them straight to Amazon!


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