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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Clean At Last...

While I was out of town last week, the gas company decided it would be the perfect opportunity to replace the gas lines on my street. They dug up my yard, replaced the line, and then filledin the dirt and spread grass seed and hay. I don't have any delusions that the seed that they spread will actually become grass some day-- with the temps in the 100's and water restrictions in place. They weren't able to turn the gas back on because I wasn't home. They left me a note saying that "for my convienance", they gas would be turned off until I called to have my service reconnected. How thoughtful of them-- it's so convenient to come home from vacation to a home without gas-- no cooking, no showering, etc. I called the gas company within minutes of seeing the notice, and learned that they wouldn't be able to reconnect my service until Monday between 6pm and 10pm. They showed up last night at 9:55pm. By this point, I had gone 3 days without a bath. My last shower was at the Hilton Head gym on Friday morning. I was desperate to be clean-- I never enjoyed a shower more than I did this morning. Finally, I'm able to face the world again!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry you had to go through that, man. They told us (EP) that when the gas is cut, they would be available 24/7 to reconnect. Also, as was clarified at Monday's Council meeting, you can water freshly planted items any day, for 30 days, from midnight to 10am. Code Enforcement is being reminded. (Might want to note the date you started on something you can show them...like your blog?.)


12:30 AM

Blogger =^..^= Kitty =^..^= said...

Brian, with all the friends you've got, there was no reason in the world for you to go around stinky. Most of us have working showers!!!

The gas co. replaced my meter without notification and when I got home after work that day, there was a notice on my door where to call. They came within 2 hours and had turned on the gas and relit all the pilot lights. They do this for our safety. I don't understand why you had to wait, but am sorry that you did have to wait.

9:12 AM

Blogger Brian said...

Here's a full explanation of the problem:

The gas line was replaced by a subcontractor for Atlanta Gas Light (AGL). They left a notice on the door for me to call some one named "Ricky" to have the gas turned back on. I got home several days later and called Ricky"-- got a machine and left a message. I called him again on Sunday and left another message. Then I called AGL and got a recording that the customer service dept was closed until Monday, but if I smelled gas to call a different number. I didn't smell gas, and didn't think of this as an 'emergency", so I waited until Monday. On Monday I called Ricky again and he said that I should've called on the day that the gas was disconnected and he would've returned to connect it and light the pilot lights- but he and his team were working in Lawrenceville by now and wouldn't be coming back to East Point, so I would need to call AGL and they would make arrangements to have it turned back on-- he also told me that I should've called the emergency number for AGL and they would've come out sooner.

4:44 PM


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