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Friday, August 03, 2007

Just My Luck...

My vacation plans have changed in the last half hour. One of my trees in the backyard decided to fall on Hilton-Head-Eve. It's not pretty, but I'm thankful that the dogs weren't hit, the house wasn't hit, my car wasn't hit, and my new grill was within an inch of being hit. But, my fence was destroyed, the table set that Aunt Jane gave me is destroyed, and I have live electrical wires down in the backyard. I turned off the fuses going to the garage so maybe it's safe now? The tree missed my car by a couple of feet, but knocked down the power lines that run from my house to the garage.

In the morning, I'll call a tree removal service, an electrician and the fence company that installed my fence. Hopefully they can get it all taken care of and I can be Hilton Head-bound by Sunday morning. I've been saving up vacation money for a year now-- I was looking forward to buying dinner for the entire family at a nice restaurant. I'm sure that that dream has now gone down in smoke. Damni it! I've worked my ass off all year and put money aside so that when I was able to take a vacation, I could do it without worrying about every dollar I had to spend. Now all of my savings will go towards removing the damage that this tree did to my property tonight and I will go on vacation pennyless and broke, as usual. I guess I should look on the bright side-- my dogs and my home are safe, and my vacation fund is available to cover this unexpected expense. But with all that I have to be thankful for, all I can think is "this sucks!".


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