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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lost, lost, lost!

Lost Item #1: I lost my cell phone near the end of last week. I never realized what a life line that little phone was. It's strange to think how of how dependent I am on it. But, it holds all of the phone numbers of everyone that I love and care about. Without my phone, I really can't contact my mother! It's a lesson, I need to write all of the important numbers in an address book and keep it at home. Luckily, my phone turned up today! I did my usual Thursday delivery to GA State and one of the guys in the class asked if I'd lost my phone, It turns out that I left it behind when I delivered and he held it for me til he saw me today. I kind of wish that he would've called me earlier in the week-- he knows where I work. But I won't go there. I'm just glad to get it back and can't wait to get it charged up so I can listen to all of the messages that I'm sure are waiting for me! I wonder what I might have missed out on? I'll know in a couple of hours when it's fully charged!

Lost Item #2: I lost my debit card on Tuesday. I didn't realize it until I went to get my haircut that night. When it came time to pay the bill, I reached in my wallet only to find that I was carrying everything but my debit card. Luckily I had enough cash to cover the haircut, but I felt like a fool-- standing there and emptying the contents of my wallet on the counter of the saloon.- looking through every item in the stack, then doing it a second and third time, as if it would magically appear if I looked through the contents again. I went to the bank Wednesday morning and got the card cancelled and ordered a new one. When this has happened before, I've always received a temporary card that works the same as an ATM-- you can get money out of the teller machine, but can't use it in a store or restaurant because it doesn't have the VISA symbol on it. But-- as luck would have it-- Bank of America started a new program this week-- as of Tuesday, they can now issue a temporary debit card as a replacement and this card can be used just like a Visa! What a relief!

All's well that end's well-- I've been reunited with my cell phone and I have a functioning credit card. Who could ask for anything more?


Blogger =^..^= Kitty =^..^= said...

I called you Monday early evening, but it's all over now!!!

Glad both items got resolved.

3:27 PM


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