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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Twisted Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste...

A few days ago, I was standing in the sun room looking out the window to my backyard. King and Clara were playing in their usual style. Suddenly, King had to take a whiz-- he galloped closer to the window (for some reason he doesn't run, he actually gallops and prances!) and proceeded to squat and do his business. For some reason this bothers me. He is almost three years old and he has never hiked his leg to pee. It's always a squat. I'm sure that he assumes this position because he was raised amongst female dogs and he just follows their actions. People have told me that it's my fault because I had him neutered too early-- I think he was less than 4 months old. But at the time, I was following the vet's advice-- he wanted King neutered ASAP, due to the fact that he and his litter mates were bottle fed and never had any mother's milk... without the protein injections from Mom, the litter would have lessened immune systems and neutering/spaying would help them in that department. I didn't understand the reasoning, but followed the advice. So as I was standing there watching my little boy squat in the backyard, all I could think was "I shouldn't have gotten him circumcised so soon". Then it hit me, I was saying circumcised, instead of neutered. The next thought that passed my twisted brain was-- I wonder if anyone ever had their dog circumcised? I thought about creating a new character in Keisha's family that I could blog about-- a Great Aunt that was so Jewish that she had her dog circumcised when he turned 12-- this is the stuff B-movies are made of! Can you imagine a cast of rednecks (picture the cast of "Sordid Lives") sitting in the vet's waiting room during the operation, along with their rich redneck Great Aunt-- pacing the floor and debating whether or not it was a good idea to have Scrappy cut? To me, this sounds funny-- but then again, I have a pretty twisted mind!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As you know, Cletus only squats too but I just think it's because they didn't learn from a male dog how to pee. Occasionally Cletus copies Fabian or Thumper but then goes back to the squat when he's home. Oh, well, I don't know what real difference it makes.

7:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think your previous commenter missed the entire point of your blog! It wasn't about your dog or her dog squatting when the pee- it was about the scenario of a redneck family discussing the pros and cons of canine circumssision (?). I agree with you-- it's hysterical, and would make a great film or short story! Please write the full plot for us soon!


8:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right your are twisted. But that helps make you YOU>


6:45 AM

Blogger =^..^= Kitty =^..^= said...

Is there anything about this in the Bible???

9:15 AM


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