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Thursday, August 02, 2007

48 Hours Away...

I can't believe that I will finally get a vacation! I'll have a week of sleeping in late, of having my Mommy cook for me, of being surrounded by the most incredible family I can imagine. A week of eating at my favorite restaurants, playing tennis with my brothers, swimming in the ocean with my nephew and riding horses with my niece.

We'll all spend a few days on the pier catching blue-point crabs, which we'll take home and turn into crab-filled mushrooms. We'll journey into Savannah and sit on the front porch of people that were actual characters in the book " Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil".
We've been going to Hilton Head for vacation for about 30 years now-- and each year we have a new adventure. One year we rented a Sari--a bicycle made for 8. We rode all around the island and had a great time. One year we went deep sea fishing and didn't catch a thing because some nerd hooked a sail fish that drug us through the Caliboge Sound for hours. One year we went on a murder mystery cruise, also in the Sound, and had a great time figuring out "who done it".

Every year always ends with a trip to Harbour Town-- dinner on the decks beside the yacht docks, followed by a stroll through the shops where we don't buy anything because it's too expensive, and dessert beneath the old spanish-moss covered oak trees.

And there's always a late night walk with with nephew at some point during the week. I take him down the beach to the Holiday Inn-- the most happening place in Hilton Head. They have a bar that is surrounded by a pool in a little island, and a bonfire on the beach every night. We usually sit in one of the deck chairs and vent to each other. We reunite during these chats and the world seems right as we walk back home afterwards, with our flip flops in our hand and the waves gently kissing our feet.
This is gonna be heaven-- I won't be setting the alarm for 3:30am-- I will be able to stay up past sunset. I'll be able to sleep in if I want to-- if I'm able to--- with a beach only a few feet away, I'll probably be up at the crack of dawn each day to get the best lounge chair!


Blogger epgraves said...

Have fun but I saw this on WSB's websitethis morning. So be careful.

Jellyfish Invade Hilton Head Beaches; Sting 3,000

POSTED: 6:24 am EDT August 3, 2007
UPDATED: 8:51 am EDT August 3, 2007

HILTON HEAD -- Authorities say jellyfish have invaded the waters around Hilton Head Island, stinging more than 3,000 beachgoers in the past week.

While jellyfish stings on the island peak in July and August, this past month has been especially brutal for swimmers.

Shore Beach Service Operations Manager Mike Wagner says about 6,200 of the 6,300 jellyfish stings reported this year on the island happened in the past month.

Most of the stings were from sea nettles, a brownish saucer-shaped jellyfish with long tentacles, lifeguards reported. Their stings feel similar to a "big bee sting," Wagner said.

Wagner says the jellyfish have been spread unevenly around the island's waters, meaning one area will report just a few stings, while hundreds are reported down the beach.

"A single lifeguard could have more than 50 per shift," Wagner said. "There have literally been hundreds a day in some locations."

Officials say Hilton Head Island reports about 10,000 jellyfish stings a year.

11:29 AM


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