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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Grease 2

One of my birthday presents last year wasa portable DVD player. I've never had much of an occassion to use it, but I took it to Hilton Head with me last week. I discovered that it has a cigarette lighter attachment, so it's perfect for watching a movie in the car on a long drive. I discovered that Hilton Head Island is exactly 2 movies away from Atlanta! On the way down, I watched "Big Fish" and "The Lake House". On the way home yesterday I watched "Dream Girls" and "Grease 2".

I don't know anyone else that liked "Grease 2". It didn't live up to the reputation of it's predecessor, but I loved it. I probably loved it because it was so cheesy-- I've always loved B-movies! The sequel is a total flip-flop of the original.

Grease: Good girl Sandy falls in love with bad boy Danny. In order to catch him, she transforms into a spandex-covered bad girl.

Grease 2: Good boy Michael falls in love with bad girl Stephanie. In order to catch her, he transforms into a leather-wearing biker.

"Grease 2" takes place at the same high school (Rydell High), and supposedly is the school year following Danny & Sandy's graduation. It's strange that the entire teaching faculty is different. Principal McGhee and her assistant Blanche are still there, though. Frenchy and Eugene are in a couple of scenes, too.

If you haven't seen it, I recommend it. Of course, you'll probably hate it like everyone else, but there's a chance that you might enjoy it as much as I did!


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