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Thursday, September 06, 2007


This is a picture of my friend Mary, with her grandson Thomas. We visited them in Savannah last month while we were nearby in Hilton Head. Mary cooked us a great low-country boil and it was incredible. I've known Thomas all of his life, but I haven't seen him in a couple of years. I figured that he'd be overwhelmed by so many visitors in his house (my entire family was there). Was I wrong! His Dad dropped him off and he came in the front door alone. He wasn't phased a bit! He walked right up to me and told me that he had a new carpet installed in his house. He went on and on about the carpet, and every other detail about his house. Then he pulled a coupon out of his pocket- 20% off at Bed, Bath & Beyond- and gave it to me. It turns out that he had brought a coupon for each of us-- Mom got a free coffee from Starbucks, everyone else got a %-off coupon at different stores. During dinner, he told us all about the pond he was building in the backyard. He said he'd been working on it for months and couldn't wait to show it off. After dinner we all went out into the backyard and saw his pond. It was actually about 6 inches wide and 1 inch deep. You wouldn't notice it if you walked past it. There wasn't a drop of water in it. But, Thomas said that when it rains it really fills up and looks just like a pond. He admitted that he wasn't finished with the project yet, but someday it'd be even more beautiful. I'm sure that it was beautiful in his eyes. What a magical kid-- he always has a story to tell, a dream to work on, and a pocketful of coupons to give to strangers.


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what a darling and smart kid!!!

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