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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

"Another Brick in the Wall"....

....or sidewalk!

Joel went downtown last weekend and visited our bricks at Centenniel Olympic Park. He sent
me this picture, just to confirm that my brick is still in place after all of these years!

The sidewalks in the park are all paved with engraved bricks. I think they sold for around $50 each, and they came with a certificate. My boss at Midtown Travel bought each of us a brick for a Christmas present, and had the certificates professionaly framed. I've still got that framed certificate around here somewhere, I think. I haven't seen it in years. It must be in the attic somewhere.

I was always appreciative of this gift. I would've bought my own brick at the time if I could've afforded it. $50 was a pretty steep price for me in those days. I like the idea that my name is engraved somewhere in my hometown-- I feel that in some small way, my name is burned into the history of Atlanta, along with Margaret Mitchell, MLK, Jr., and Elton John! I know it's pretty far fetched, and I know that I haven't contributed anywhere close to the city as the celebrities I noted, but it is a comforting thought that 100 years from now people will walk that path and see my name. I'll be cold in my grave by then (probably), but a complete stranger will glance down and see my name- and for that moment alone, I will still exist. It's cool to think that I have a little piece of immortality out there somewhere.

It's not a statue. It's not a star on Hollywood Boulevard. It's just a brick-- a little piece of clay. But it is placed about 2 blocks from my former home, in the heart of the city that I love. And it's got my name on it! As long as that park exists, I'm immortal!


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