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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Biscuit #4

It's hard to believe that #4 is up and running already-- they were already serving guests today! There is a "soft opening" today, tomorrow and Saturday-- people are invited to come have a free meal so the staff can get a little experience. I'll be there tomorrow night, so I'll try to get some good photos.
The new Biscuit is incredible! It feels very "Biscuity".... however, it has some advantages over the previous stores. It is in a stand alone store-- it has outdoor dining on the patio, a big screen plasma TV in one room, and a cozy sitting area in the middle of the restaurant. Food will not be served here, and it's not really a place you would be sitting in to wait for your name to be called during a busy rush. I don't really know what the purpose of the area is, but it's inviting and looks comfortable. The stone tables outside were all handpainted by local highschool kids. They remind me of the original Biscuit in CP-- lots of artwork by locals. That's what gives it the "Biscuity" feel, and makes it feel less like a corporate franchise cookie-cutter store. The new store has a very personable feel and I'm sure it'll draw the crowds with no problem when it officially opens next Monday.
No time to rest on our laurels though, because Biscuit #5 opens two weeks later in Charlotte, NC. Wow-- how amazing-- we're opening our first store outside of the perimeter next week, and our first store outside of the state a couple of weeks later! Stay tuned for details on Biscuits #6 and #7 coming soon!


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