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Monday, September 24, 2007

The Biscuit Hall of Fame!

You might remember this picture from a few months ago. It was an impromptu photo of me Delia, Molly and the owners of the first Biscuit franchise store. It was taken during their VIP/Grand Opening/Media night, in April 2007. We got the idea that it'd be fun to pile into my car and take a group shot.

The tradition continued tonight. The second franchise store had it's big VIP/Grand Opening/Media night tonight and I attended with the sole purpose of getting a group shot with the owners of this new store. I got stuck in traffic and was two hours late to the party. By the time I got there it was pouring down rain. I had my camera with me, but there was no way that any of these people would want to go outside and brave the storm, just to take a photo with my car. But then a miracle happened. It stopped raining and it seemed like the right time for a group photo. I made the request and they all followed! The rest is history. Well... Biscuit History.. we all have great ideas of framing these pics and hanging them in the Original Biscuit. Maybe it'll happen someday... Maybe sooner than later!


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