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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Motivational Tapes Available Online...

I've never been a big "goal setter". I've never said "I vow to do so-and-so by (fill in the date)". I've always admired people that had dreams and goals, but I've always been the type to be satisfied with just surviving day to day .

So, it was with a lot of fear that I answered a question that was posed to me back in January concerning Catering Sales. Delia asked me to tell her what my goal for the year would be. Given the fact that I was on a catering high after just beating 2005 sales by 200%, I said I'd like to do the same in 2007-- beat last year's sales by 200%. I dreaded that statement for several months. How could I take over a department that brought in $36,000 in 2005 and have any hope of quadrupling that number in 2007? I would have to sell $144,000 to reach that goal!

But, guess what. As of today, Catering has brought in a little over $130,000 this year and it's only October! I have 2 months to reach the impossible goal that I set for myself, and I'm thinking that it may not be so impossible after all!

If I pull it off, I'll be able to add a great stat to my resume: Increased Catering Sales by 400% . Who wouldn't hire me given that info?

My only worry now is what will I say next January when Delia asks me to set a goal for 2008? Dare I try to double the sales again and strive for $288,000? That sounds like an impossible goal, but $144K seemed impossible earlier this year!


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