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Friday, October 26, 2007

A Review...

When you're alone, sometimes you think deep thoughts. On my return trip from Charlotte this week, I had a lot of time to think and reflect and I imagined my life as a play~ divided into scenes and acts. I tried to remember and relive each scene of my life and came up with a scenario that you may appreciate and relate to. Here's what I came up with, written from a critic's perspective:

  • The first Act was interesting, but hurried. There should have been more character development amongst the cast. The message seemed to be that life was great and no stone was left unturned by the main character.

  • The following Acts contained an amazing ensemble of players- an ensemble that could rival the cast of "Mary Tyler Moore" or "Friends". The family members and friends of the main character were interesting and the interaction was fun to watch. The main character's views on different situations was thrilling and laughable.

  • The Intermission was poorly timed. There should have been more laughs earlier in the show.

  • The scenes following the Intermission were mostly soliloquies-- a "one-man-show". Interesting and thought provoking, but how excited can you get over a performance of one person on a stage.

  • The fat lady began to warm up her voice soon after the Intermission. The show began to take on the feeling you get when you suddenly discover that you are alone and naked.

  • Things picked up in the final scenes. The ensemble cast returned (although many of the players were replaced with new actors). The funny lines returned, but it seemed that the main character was no longer the one with the funny lines-- he was often the straight man.

  • Near the end of the show, the curtain began to fall. It moved so slowly that you never knew when it would completely hit the stage floor. It was dramatic and left the audience wondering if the play was really over. The main character didn't seem to realize when it was over either-- he stayed on stage, bowing and waving, long after the audience filed out of the theatre.


Blogger beverly said...

A fascinating blog and one that I've already re-read. Guess you're finding that a little "deep thinking" isn't such a bad thing. Never quite got there myself!!!

6:37 AM


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