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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Leapfrog Advertising...

The folks at the Buckhead Biscuit took out a radio ad that is currently running during the drive-time hours of the morning shows. it's great for them-- they are announcing to the the city that they are open, and that they have a new location coming soon. The ad also mentions their catering service. They play it up really big and give the catering phone number for their location. Unfortunately for them (fortunate for me!) a lot of people don't have a pen and paper with them while they're driving to work. So... they visit the website to get catering info. My phone has been ringing off the hook this week, even though it's not the phone number given in the ad. I feel bad for taking some of the catering orders that another store did the advertising for, but I guess they probably get a lot of exposure from the ads I run each week in Creative Loafing, Insite Magazine, The Sunday Paper, etc. I guess it all evens up in the end. But in the meantime... I sure am enjoying all of the free catering ads and now I'm convinced at how effective a radio ad can be!


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